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How to maintain high quality replica bag

How to maintain high quality replica bag

First, the problem of mildew

High quality bag if not used for a long time, use dry paper to fill the bag, the outside wrapped in copy paper, and then put on a dust bag, and then set a layer of plastic bags. The paper inside is hygroscopic, the outside of the plastic bag to be thicker, you can moisture-proof. That way it won’t be moldy.

If moldy, first wipe clean with a dry cloth, and then with sheep oil, Brigitte beads, hand cream wipe down on the good. Must be a whole wipe, to ensure that there is no color difference.

Since it is a high quality replica brand bag, we must talk about maintenance. First of all, the bag does not use every day, the dermis is elastic, plug things will deform, recovery takes time.

If used every day, you will find that the purse is deformed, you can buy a number of high- quality replica bags packets exchanged for use.

Secondly, daily use must avoid skin taboo water! Crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin also do not touch oil!!!! Bovine sheepskin can be maintained with sheep oil. Other oils are also not accessible,Crocodile skin, snake skin ostrich skin can not be maintained with oil.

And, of course, to avoid scratches.


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