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Gucci GG Marmont

In 2015, Frida Giannini, who led Gucci for many years, handed over the position of creative director to Alessandro Michele.
Then one can be said to be the symbol of the birth of the new series “Gucci GG Marmont”.
His work is designed in a modern way from the Gucci archives to organize the iconic LOGO. Replica Gucci GG Marmont features a large GG metal logo. This GG metal LOGO is inspired by the Gucci belt buckle of the 1970s.
The most representative of fake Gucci GG Marmont is still a shoulder bag. This gold chain is detailed with a cowhide detail and is designed in a luxurious style.
With the new work of GG Mermont, the style has become quite rich, ranging from simple leather to styles such as velvet and stripes, animal prints and badges. In addition, there are also “gucci ghost collection” styles with cute stars and GG patterns, as well as limited editions such as denim + floral theme.
Super replica Gucci GG Marmont is free to choose from classic designs and modern design styles, and GG Marmont has now become a signature bag for Gucci.

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