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LV Louis Vuitton Neverfull Product Introduction

Neverfull is one of replica Louis Vuitton‘s representative handbag styles. It was born in 2007 and uses Damier canvas, Damier leather and other materials, meaning it is always filled with dissatisfaction.

The Neverfull handbag classic exudes a sense of modernity, travel or everyday travel. This large-capacity handbag has straps on both sides for adjustable capacity and is stylish and practical.

The Monogram canvas Neverfull handbag has a strong classical feel with an inner pocket similar to Louis Vuitton’s early travel accessories. The bag is matched with white plaid, brown plaid, old flower, etc.

The Neverfull handbag is divided into 3 sizes (width X height X depth):
Large GM (40X 33 X20cm);
Medium MM (32 X 29 X 17cm);
Small PM (29 X 22 X 13cm).

There are 3 kinds of materials: white checkerboard (Damier canvas, new 2010), brown checkerboard (Damier leather), old flower (Monogram canvas). Among them, the old flower medium is the best-selling style.

Monogram canvas, striped fabric lining and natural cowhide edging;
– golden brass fittings;
– buckle opening and closing;
– D-ring on the inside pocket zipper (for wallet or keychain);
– The side leather cord can change the capacity of the handbag;
– shoulder;
– The inner bag is decorated with the logo of the early Louis Vuitton brand travel goods

– Be careful not to rub the product with rough surfaces or to rub the product, especially leather trim.
– When cleaning, use a soft, damp cloth dampened with soapy water to clean the canvas. Avoid contact with the leather part. Do not use cleaning fluid.
– Avoid contact with liquids such as hand creams, hand sanitizers, cosmetics and perfumes.
– Be careful not to rub the product against rough surfaces or to smash the product, especially leather trim.
– Keep the product dry and keep it away from direct heat sources (away from the radiator and avoid leaving the bag in the compartment during the summer).

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How to maintain high quality replica bag

How to maintain high quality replica bag

First, the problem of mildew

High quality bag if not used for a long time, use dry paper to fill the bag, the outside wrapped in copy paper, and then put on a dust bag, and then set a layer of plastic bags. The paper inside is hygroscopic, the outside of the plastic bag to be thicker, you can moisture-proof. That way it won’t be moldy.

If moldy, first wipe clean with a dry cloth, and then with sheep oil, Brigitte beads, hand cream wipe down on the good. Must be a whole wipe, to ensure that there is no color difference.

Since it is a high quality replica brand bag, we must talk about maintenance. First of all, the bag does not use every day, the dermis is elastic, plug things will deform, recovery takes time.

If used every day, you will find that the purse is deformed, you can buy a number of high- quality replica bags packets exchanged for use.

Secondly, daily use must avoid skin taboo water! Crocodile skin, snake skin, ostrich skin also do not touch oil!!!! Bovine sheepskin can be maintained with sheep oil. Other oils are also not accessible,Crocodile skin, snake skin ostrich skin can not be maintained with oil.

And, of course, to avoid scratches.


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Replica Gucci Sylvie embroidered leather bag

Recently stylish and gorgeous sylvie Replica Gucci bags, and added a new member, sylvie embroidered pattern bucket bag, that gorgeous breath again, and more and more intense, just a short time quickly became popular sylvie series, is a well-deserved It Bag, GUCCI one of the most attractive series, from the basic models of red, white and blue color strap to the season GUCCI T stage catwalk models, sylvie replica bag tote models are designed to cover the true value.

Gucci Sylvie bag from the 50’s red and green ribbon stripes Replica Gucci Bags iconic design. Although it has also been a long time left out, but it is clear that Alessandro Michele make it back to life. The emergence of Sylvie seems to have made people find the New World, for a while to become the most popular explosions. Last year, its popularity has not dropped, even this year, there are still many people have pitted into it.

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Replica Saint Laurent Sunset Monogram Small Crocodile-Embossed Wallet on a Chain

YSL adds a new member to the classic Monogram collection called “Sunset”, featuring a three-dimensional shape and a silver metal logo on the flap, with a metal locking band, avant-garde style; A design color, leather style is the daily choice of matching.
Classic handbags series Monogram new members Sunset small bag, small and stylish appearance, bag with silver metal letters on the logo, coupled with metal lock chain, can be described as bold and avant-garde. And one of the sequins is even more impressive, whether attire or attend a rock party seems to be able to easily deal with.